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Simple Cloud-Based Information Management System
For Business, Non-Profit Organization, Church & School

Accessible wherever you are, whenever you want and whatever way you prefer through Web Access (Browser) and/or Android App.


INSYS for Business

Manage Clients, Staff and Suppliers bio data, quotes, orders, billing, supplies, payroll and communication.

Production Products Services Retail

Subscription Property Insurance Legal

INSYS for Non-Profit

Manage Beneficiaries, Staff, Donors and Suppliers bio data, donations, supplies, payroll and communication. Set as Local, National or International under Beneficiaries or Projects Mode.
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INSYS for Church

Manage Members, Staff and Suppliers, sacraments, contributions, payroll, supplies and communication. Set as Parish or Outstation level under Catholic or Prostestant Mode.
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INSYS for School

Manage Students, Staff and Suppliers, enrollments, grades, supplies, payroll and communication. Set as Public, Private or Religious entity under Primary or Secondary Mode.
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Kind words from our valuable customers

We used to manage data using spreadsheet until when we found INSYS for Church. Things have become very easy ever since.

Paul, ACK Church

I always had problems managing my farm and nursery. Through INSYS, i am able to do it while working on the field or in the office.

Mary, Helmon

INSYS has been instrumental in running the operations of our Non-Profit. Getting INSYS was the best choice that we have ever made.

Patrick, CEDO

Plans & Pricing

Two simple plans. Silver and Gold. Choose your preferred

Other Services (Optional)

Disk Space

As you continue using INSYS, the system will require more space to store your data. We offer extra disk space beyond the Gold Package to hold more data in your system at $10 per Month per extra 1GB. Get as much space as you need.

Order INSYS Disk Space

Mobile Sender ID

INSYS is configured to work seemlessly with bulk SMS gateways. To use the SMS module, you need to register a unique Sender ID with a telco. The Sender ID Fee for Safaricom is $200 One-Time per deployment.

Mobile Sender ID Order

MPESA Integration

We will integrate your MPESA Paybill number with INSYS ensuring that all payments made through the paybill will automatically be receipted and updated on the system. The MPESA Integration Fee is $200 One-Time per deployment.

MPESA Integration Order


Our systems are easy to learn. However, sometime you need to deploy faster or you need your team trained together. We train on how to operate the system. Learn from the creators. Training fee is $100 One-Time Fee per 2-Hours Session.

Order INSYS Training

Data Entry

If you have data, you can enter it yourself, or we can do it for you. We enter data in data sets. For instance a Customer's bio data, orders, invoices, and receipts is one data set, and number of orders or invoices is the depth. Data Entry fee is $1 per one data set/depth.

INSYS Data Entry Quote

Customization (Code-Based)

Sometime, your business or organization can have special operational needs that are not handled by the current INSYS System. We can customize additional modules and integrate them into INSYS Core, to meet that specific need, at an extra cost.

INSYS Customization Quote
INSYS is offered as it is. Contact us with any of your requirements and we will provide you with a custom solution. Note: All of INSYS deployment is done on our servers.


Frequently Asked Questions and their simple answers

Do you have a free trial?

We offer a 30-days trial account at $10. Trial does not have training. The trial is available after testing the demo account. Request Trial. You can also Request for a Demo

What hardware do i require to run this system?

INSYS can run on any device that has at least a browser and internet connection. Most of the desktops, tablets and smartphones qualify.

Where and how can i access this system?

INSYS is cloud based. Hence you can access it anywhere, anytime. You can access it through a web or mobile browser by access or by downloading it on google app Play Store or by searching the word INSYS

What kind of skills do i require to use the system?

INSYS is very easy to use. If you have the knowledge of business or organization management, which most of us have, you can be able to operate INSYS. Further, there is a documentation to assist you in case you get stuck.

Does the INSYS cost include Website and Domain Name?

NO. INSYS comes with landing pages configured under INSYS domain. These pages can be integrated in existing websites.

Is my data safe?

INSYS is secured with a 2048 bit SSL Certificate, which ensures that your data is almost 100% secured. Unless someone has username and password access rights, they cannot be able to access any of your information.

Do you offer money-back guarantee?

NO. That is why we offer you a TRIAL and/or DEMO, so that when you make the decision to aquire this system, you know what to expect.

How will i be billed?

We have per month billing. You can pick SILVER for $10 or GOLD for $25 per month. That is the cost of INSYS as it is. Incase you might need Customization and White Labelling, Request For A Quote.

Am i tied to a contract?

NO. You can cancel your contract any time and we will immediately stop the next billing.

How do i get started?

If you want to test our system, you can Signup for a TRIAL or request for a DEMO. If you make up your decision, you can then signup for a Plan of your choice. See our Starter Plans above.

Stay with us

You can contact us through the Contact Center. We will be glad to help you!