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INSYS Systems for Business

INSYS Business

Simple Information System for management of your Small or Medium Business

Access your business information wherever you are, whenever you want and whatever way you prefer. INSYS gives you the power to run and manage your business at your finger tips! Get a Free demo today, and test drive INSYS.

Business Information Management System

INSYS Business is an online software that assist businesses to increase their operational efficiency through easier management of business's information and data hence faster delivery, improved customer care and lower overheads.

INSYS Business manages and present information on Customers, Staff and Suppliers like bio data, orders, billing, supplies, payroll and communication (email/SMS), dynamic reports, all helping in prompt decision making process.

INSYS System is accessible anytime, anywhere and through desktop, mobile and android App.

INSYS Business Modes

Get the right Information System for your business , and ensure that you are up and running in a few minutes!

Production Mode
Supports businesses that do production and manufacturing activities. INSYS offers production management information, accounting, and reports.
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Product Mode
Supports businesses dealing with products. Offers a POS Module and a Web Catalog for online purchases, all integrated in the INSYS Core.
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Service Mode
Supports businesses that offer services to clients. INSYS provides client-based bio data, sales and key service business information.
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Why INSYS Business?

Improved Business Efficiency
Lower operational overheads
Faster and timely decision making
Easy to access. Through Web and Android
Simple to Operate. User Friendly
Easy to set up and get started
Cloud-Based - Fast & Reliable Servers
All data is safe and secure
Unlimited Usage - Manage unlimited users
Scalable for Small, Medium and Large businesses
Affordable & Cost effective
Customer, Staff & Supplier Access
Improved public relations & confidence
Bulk SMS, MPESA & Paypal Integration
24/7 online support

INSYS Business Plans

1 Production & Manufacturing
2 Operations Management
3 Marketing & Sales
4 Procurement & Stores
5 Human Resource & People
6 Finance & Administration
7 Communication & Media
8 System Administration
9 Branch Mode
10 System Quota 1GB 5GB
Monthly Subscription $10 $25
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INSYS Business Modules

These are the business functions that INSYS will manage in your business, leaving you with lots of time to focus on your core business

Production & Manufacturing
This module offers manufacturing and production businesses an opportunity to manage their production processes and information.
Operations Management
The module offers management of operational functions like Product/Service delivery. It includes CRM, and Dispatch/Delivery Manager.
Marketing & Sales
Management of sales and marketing functions. It has CRM, Sales Management, POS System, Email & SMS Marketing, and Web Marketing.
Procurement & Stores
Management of purchasing process. Manage Suppliers, Products, Local Purchase Orders, Purchase Payments, and Promisory Notes and Tenders.
Finance & Admin
Manages and analyzes information on Expenses, Assets, Budgeting, Goals Tracking, Loans and Loan Calculator. Includes Financial Charts and Reports.
Human Resource
HR & People
Manages Human Resource processes like information on staff, payslips and payroll, leaves, appraisals and performance, and Job vacancies.
Media & Communication
Communication & Media
Manages information mass flow from the business to Customers, Staff, and Suppliers. Includes New/Events, and Bulk Email/SMS sender.
System Admin
System Administration
This module manages all the functions of the system including System Set Up, business Profile and Settings, Data & User management, and Documentation.
If you own or manage a small or medium business , INSYS is your answer! Get in touch with us for a Free Demo to test drive the system. If you get happy with INSYS, let us know and we will set you up!
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