Customer Relationship Management System

Customer Relationship Management System or CRM System is used to manage interactions with customers and potential customers. CRM helps businesses build and manage customer relationships, increase sales, improve customer engagement and service, and increase business profitability.

Why use INSYS as your CRM System

INSYS Marketing Department has customer profiling as an integral part of INSYS Core System, and a Customer Relationship Management System that provides information on Customer Bio data, Sales Quotations, Sales Orders, Order Deliveries Sales Invoices, and reciepts. The CRM system also provide information on customer engagement and communication through a notes system, email and SMS message logs.

INSYS have a Customer Prospecting Tool that helps in managing prospective customer and grading them depending on their progress on the sales pipeline. A WebPage Builder is another tool that ensure that you can build Web Pages, Sales pages and Web Catalogues to help in sales and marketing of your products and services. Customer learning is essential in understanding the solutions (Products) that are available. That is why INSYS has an Educator Module that act as a Learning Management System to pass on key information to customers.

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