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INSYS is a web/cloud-based Information Management System that stores, process and analyzes data on businesses, Non-profit organizations, churches and schools and present it in an easier and effective manner hence facilitating quicker decision making. INSYS will help you to increase operational efficiency through easier management of organization's information and data hence faster delivery, improved customer care and lower overheads.
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INSYS has four system modes; Business, Non-Profit, Church and School. You can highly customize this cloud-based software to suite any of the above organizational mode. The different modes under a single software, makes it easier for you to customize it to fit your corporate model, with just a single setting.

INSYS Business-Mode

It assist businesses to manage information on Clients, Staff and Suppliers like bio data, orders, billing, supplies, payroll and communication (both email and SMS). Here you can run the software under Product-Mode or Service-Mode.

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INSYS Non-Profit-Mode

It assist organizations to manage information on Beneficiaries, Staff, Donors and Suppliers bio data, beneficiary cases, donations, supplies, payroll and communication (both email and SMS). It can be run under Group-Mode or Non-Group-Mode.

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INSYS Church-Mode

It assist church and faith-based organizations to manages information on Members, Staff and Suppliers. It provide information on bio data, sacraments, contributions, payroll, supplies and communication through email and SMS. Church-Mode can be set as Catholic-Mode or Prostestant-Mode.

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INSYS School-Mode

It assist pre-primary, primary and secondary/high schools to manages information on Students / Parents, Staff and Suppliers. It provide information on bio-data, enrollments, grades, supplies, payroll and communication through email and SMS. School-Mode can be set as Primary-Mode or Secondary-Mode.

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With INSYS, you will have your business/organization wherever you are. INSYS is accessible anytime, anywhere, through desktop, mobile and android App. Feel free to test drive the software with the FREE Starter Package. INSYS is FREE. Automate your organization today. Get Started now!

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